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The Stage Play

The screenplay for Pruning the Family Tree movie was written by acclaimed playwright Dan Gordon ("Little White Lies"), who adapted it from his award-winning stage play, also titled "Pruning the Family Tree."  >> more


Pruning Blog

Behind-the-scenes stories, production updates and more—read the Pruning the Family Tree blog!  >> more


The Latest Gossip

The juicy scoop about the movie PRUNING THE FAMILY TREE is...

Autsin's Dougherty Arts Center to Easy Theater's production of Dan Gordon's comedy/drama 'Pruning the Family Tree' stage play

The Austin Chronicle

Three generations of Southern women gather for the weekend in Daniel Gordon's…  >> more


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Behind the Scenes

Directed by: Fritz Green

Screenplay by: Dan Gordon

Director of Photography: James Veit

Produced by: Tina Gordon, Jason Eaton, Fritz Green, Dan Gordon, Melissa Green, Renee Michaels

Adapted from the award-winning
play Pruning the Family Tree
by Dan Gordon

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