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Joe Casey, 64, Real Estate Agent

Joseph David Casey died on September 27, 2012, after suffering through years of moral erosion.

Mr. Casey was preceded in death by his parents and his conscience. He leaves behind his wife, two daughters, a granddaughter, and his veiled reputation as a human being.

As a realtor for over 40 years, Casey sold houses to families as homes, while never understanding what that meant.

Casey was active in many civic and sexual activities, including his lifetime membership in “Fathers Anonymous.” His hobbies included drinking, belittling and fornicating.

Photo Joe Casey
Joe Casey, 64

While spending his entire life fulfilling his own personal needs and wants, he completely ignored his family.

The family would like to ask that memorial contributions be made to the foundation to prevent Cranium Impaling Colon Disorder.

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Directed by: Fritz Green

Screenplay by: Dan Gordon

Director of Photography: James Veit

Produced by: Tina Gordon, Jason Eaton, Fritz Green, Dan Gordon, Melissa Green, Renee Michaels

Adapted from the award-winning
play Pruning the Family Tree
by Dan Gordon

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