Pruning the Family Tree - the Stage Play

Written by Dan Gordon

The screenplay for PRUNING THE FAMILY TREE, the movie, was written by acclaimed playwright Dan Gordon ("Little White Lies"), who adapted it from his own award-winning stage play, also titled "Pruning the Family Tree." Dan has also authored more than seven other stage plays, and his most recent play "Solo Club", his first venture into hard drama, will premiere at the Joe Sears Tallgrass Theater Festival in 2015.

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Awards and Honors

The play was a finalist in the 1998 Eugene O' Neil Center National Playwrights Conference, it won the Tulsa Heller Theatre's 1998 new play competition, and was finalist in 2010 Southern Appalachian Repertory Theater’s ScriptFest.

"The show is a triumph for Bartlesville playwright Daniel Gordon," wrote Tulsa World Staff Writer Michael Smith of the Heller Theater production, who called the play a "wonderfully moving drama…not to be missed."

Going to the Poles

The stage play has been produced in different languages all around the world and is currently enjoying popularity in Poland's theater circuit, where it has been translated into Polish with the title "Family Ties", originally staged at Theatre Square in Warsaw, Poland.

Scene from Pruning the Family Tree, the stage play.Scene from Pruning the Family Tree, the stage play.Scene from Pruning the Family Tree, the stage play.

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Behind the Scenes

Directed by: Fritz Green

Screenplay by: Dan Gordon

Director of Photography: James Veit

Produced by: Tina Gordon, Jason Eaton, Fritz Green, Dan Gordon, Melissa Green, Renee Michaels

Adapted from the award-winning
play Pruning the Family Tree
by Dan Gordon

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